J Milton & Associates

Little Havana
1000 NW 7th St,
Miami, FL 33136

Design overview:

This furniture concept was design, to be functionally introduced into large scale commercial and hospitality projects.
Its capacity allows seating 8 dwellers, and its geometrical configuration defines 4 juxtapose sectors’, completely independent from each other.
Its concentric origin allows the footprint to be the starting point of 4 seating sectors at 180 degrees opposite directions each.
Curves tend to soften the sharp lines of the architecture. The high back piece is conceived in modulated foam, with 6 ft. scroll shaped volutes, becoming on itself an “sculptural piece” within the space. (Form after function).
Its Avante- Garde characteristics, turns it iconic in shape with a strong sense or presence within the environment.
Its classic form combined with it set back platform base gives the illusion of levitating off the ground.

3D Development

Project photography by Mike Butler