Urbanica Group is a multidisciplinary, award winning, design firm, with offices in the United States and South America. Founded in 2004, the practice began its path as a small studio, yet supported by a dedicated team, it quickly grew into an International market with a global reputation. 
The firm is recognized for its organic designs, unveiling simplicity of means, relative to form, function and environmental preservation. 
Urbanica Group is led by Chief Executive Officer Jorge Cativa Tolosa SCA- Intl. Assoc. AIA. He graduated with a bachelor and master degree in architecture from “Buenos Aires University, School of Architecture” (UBA), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
His design entails sensorial awareness, attention to detail, and strong sensitivity to site’s cultural, social and economic conditions, as well as the intrinsic properties of local materials.
In designing multiple scale projects, Cativa Tolosa strives to create individualized design solutions that surpass client’s goals, and programmatic needs. His innovative designs strategies have successfully guided the Firm through projects in the United States, Spain, Argentina and South Korea. 
Urbanica group designs for multiple sectors and scales. The Firm approaches every project as an individual entity. Each project is evaluated for its social, historical and geographical conditions, as well as for its potential to support a functional, efficient, and environmentally responsive solution. The Firm believes that architecture and interior design are not separate disciplines, but related, complex and coordinated efforts made by knowledgeable groups of multidisciplinary professionals who come together to achieve a single goal, “design a better world to live in”.

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