ASID Excellence Award (Residential project under 5,000 sq. ft.)

Mr. & Mrs. Zweben

Murano Grande
400 Alton Road # 1403
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Design overview:

The 4000 sq. ft. private residence is located at the fourteenth floor of “Murano Grande” condominium tower, south of the Mac Arthur causeway, in Miami Beach.

The longitudinal floor plan allocates main public and private areas over the West wing and service areas over the East one, being both communicated by a linear corridor, perpendicular to the main access.
The design intent was to create a serene, longitudinal spatial field, defined by white plaster ceilings, pastel walls and fabrics, and a continuous oak tobacco- stained wood floor, contrasting the overall neutral atmosphere.
The redistribution of spaces on an intricate footprint was vital to establish a natural flow between public and private areas on the West wing, allowing functional flexibility between them, and the option to be turned into one unified space, proportionally efficient for social gatherings.
The formal dining area was relocated, adjacent to the existing service kitchen over the East wing, integrating its original square footage to the living area. The master bedroom Northwest partition, adjacent to the existing public area, was replaced with a pivot- sliding glass paneling system, becoming a functional flexible space.
In between the relocated dining and the living area, the existing corridor was turned into a sixty feet long art exhibition gallery, articulated by an open counter bar. The wall is finished on a leather wrapped panel geometric pattern, acting as a neutral background for the exhibited art pieces.

Private residence floor plan

Project photography by Mike Butler