Key International

Downtown Miami
92 SW 3rd Street
Miami, FL 33131

Design overview:

Mint is a 53 story high- rise condominium tower and 530 residential units, located at the North margin of the Miami River, in Downtown Miami.
A 10 story pedestal structure rises 89 feet above street level, allocating the tower public areas on a Southeast- Northwest axis. Up above, a tower rotated footprint rises 527 feet, on a linear composition of slab to slab continuous glazing skin.
The building atrium is an elliptical 9970 sq. ft. two story space, with a frameless vertical glazing envelope, which dematerializes in natural stone as the ellipse opens up to the mezzanine balustrade. High reflective white floors and linear indirect coves recompose the ellipse along the space, where a radial wood floor pattern, virtually enforces circulation towards the reception area.
An open water fall and hand- cut stone walls, counterpart the morphological minimalism, which results in an overall wind down atmosphere, balancing the urban site with the project natural environment adjacencies.
The tower 32900 sq. ft. pool deck terrace is located along a southwest curvilinear esplanade, following the tower shape, on the 10th floor pedestal. From the tower South curtain- wall façade, axial stone floor paths divide the open deck into five lounging areas, where a combination of outdoor deck, grass buffering insets and natural poor concrete, define seating alternatives along the curved swimming pool.
The pedestal 10th floor allocates the building amenities, such as men, women and duo spa, relaxation terrace, fitness center and community rooms, facing the pool deck terrace and outdoor buffering landscape, framed by Downtown Miami urban profile.

Bldg. ground floor plan | Bldg. mezzanine floor plan | Bldg. amenities 10th floor plan

Project photography by Cheryl Stieffel