Mr. Luis Miguel Basteri Gallego (International singer & composer)

Jade Residences at Brickell Bay
1331 Brickell Bay Drive
Miami, FL 33131

Design overview:

Located at the 46 story of “Jade Residences”, the penthouse is overviewing Brickell Bay, at Downtown Miami.
The minimalist design resulted space introduces pre- Columbian connotations, where design integrates versatile functionality and geometrical forms, with basic constructive principles of Mayan architecture, the sun, its positions in relation to earth and the capitalization of the site’s inner energy.
The grand room is a 14- feet ceiling longitudinal space that connects from North to South the formal dining, living and master bedroom areas, facing the bay. The entire frontage receives direct sunlight during morning hours.
A 10’- 0” diameter circle was traced at the very center of the living room area, establishing the summer and winter solstices by referencing four structural columns as cardinal coordinates. Projecting diagonals across summer and winter solstices determines the pyramid polygonal coordinates. These coordinates are materialized by stainless steel insets on the natural tobacco wood floors, running across the public areas.
The vertical projection of this polygon defines an inverted backlit pyramid up- above, which absorbs, at sunrise, the site’s natural energy and distributes it across the space. Projecting an imaginary line that intersects the flooring stainless steel circle at the equinox coordinates and the master bedroom South perimeter wall, determines the precast master bed centerline location.  A frameless glass pivot- paneling system encloses the master’s from the living area, allowing for functional integration flexibility.
White plaster ceilings, natural stone walls and organic furniture complete the minimalist design, which subjectively celebrates several Mayan design principles.

Penthouse floor plan

Project photography by Mike Butler