South Beach
500 South Pointe Dr. Suite 190,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Design overview:

The project entailed the design of a space that synthetizes the marketing concept of how to commercialize an Italian gourmet product, living the experience from the consumer acquaint perspective.
The South Beach site, due to its weather and urban lifestyle, is populated with outdoor restaurants and cafes.
The design intent was to functionally develop a traditional outdoor café concept, where most of the tables are peripherally located outside the building, over South Pointe Dr. and Washington Avenue, leaving the interior space mainly for serving and production purposes.
The cafe interior space is mostly organic with industrial connotations. The organic concept starts with the café logo, where a circle is the center character role, and we’ve intended to geometrically incorporate the circle, as a central atrium, controlling the café circulation.
The trapezoidal footprint has been virtually divided in two, by a circular atrium, border by a concave freezer- counter, follow by a convex bar- counter, where both divide the space in two, the service area and the public area, centralize by the round atrium, as well as combine the two products commercialization functions, Italian gelato and café.
The circular atrium is defined by a stainless steel floorcovering inset and an upper conical ceiling soffit, clad in satin stainless steel. The concave and convex counters are organically anchored by a satin stainless steel conical column that attach the flooring with the ceiling design and officiates as a portal exhibitor, containing niches to the public area of the café.

Café floor plan

Project photography by Mike Butler