Fortune International & Shefaor Development

City of Aventura
2950- 3020 NE 188th Street
Aventura, FL 33180

Design overview:

Artech is a 9 story building, allocating 232 residences, implanted at the South margin of 188th St. canal, flowing out at Dumfoundling Bay, in Aventura.
As a contemporary interpretation of “The Building as a Contextual Machine” principle, developed on the twentieth century, Artech structure responds formally and functionally to a modern resurgence of the “Paquebot Pavilion” (“Ocean Liner” design parameters) residential architecture conception.
Based on the site rectangular proportions, allowing 900 linear feet of waterfront and local zoning height restrictions, the building structure was developed circumscribing a curved axis, delineating the main public circulation on the Northwest side, and radial distribution of the unit cells on the Southeast façade, ensuring all residential units waterfront vistas.
Following the curved axis, the building mass is defined by a transparent prism of curvilinear footprint, vertically framed by successive structural columns, which protrude the building profile, resembling aero- dynamical masts.
Between columns, each floor progressively sets back from the water line, allowing townhouses, studios, duplexes and penthouses slabs, to extend through open balconies and upper terraces towards the canal.
The public circulation axis divides the site in two trapezoidal sectors, generating an outdoor-buffered area defined by the residential building on the Southeast side, and the service- amenities building on the Northwest side.
The main and secondary’s vertical service cores are strategically distributed along the axial corridor and adjacent buffered area, allowing horizontal circulation between buildings through enclosed bridges.
The service/ amenities building is a four-story structure, facing 188th St., which formally blends with the site adjacencies sub- urban scale.
The first three stories allocate the parking facilities, while the fourth floor and open terraces the building amenities, such as spa, fitness center, tennis courts, and private movie theatre.
The residential structure defines through concavity on the site Southeast corner, the pool deck, zero entry swimming pools and medium size boats marinas.
The main access lobby is a four- story atrium that divides the residential structure into the Northeast and Southwest wings. The atrium allows through continuous curtain walls at the Northwest and Southeast façades, an intimate relation between the building access and the waterfront.
A sculptural self- standing staircase pivots at the atrium center space, connecting all four levels through asymmetric slabs, which geometrically define through fill and void, the four stories well.
Angular suspended slabs delineate the atrium envelope, mixing aluminum and natural anigre wood finishes, which counterbalance the implied relationship between contemporary residential principles and the contextual twentieth century machine technology.

Bldg. amenities 4th floor plan | Bldg. atrium 2nd floor plan | Bldg. atrium longitudinal sections

Project photography by Mike Butler